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Mission Impossible – Holiday Bible Club!

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Investigating Christianity

Investigating Christianity?

Please do come to any of our services and ask any question you may have! We even have a Question and Answer box available. You can also email us any time (click here for our contact page).

Every now and again we have a Life Explored course. If there’s one coming up or running now, you can find it on our events page, here.

We also run an occasional Christianity Explored course. It’s a free 6 week course which explains the basics of Christianity.  Click here to read more.

About us

Looking for a Church?

We are a group of ordinary people, drawn from various walks of life, and of different ages and cultures. What unites us is our love for God, and our desire to serve Him.

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Listen to Sermon

  1. 2019 July 21st Judges2v6-3v6 The Cycle Begins, A Downward Spiral morning service Robert Jeffery 33:08
  2. 2019 July 14th Acts 22 evening service Robert Jeffery 36:22
  3. 2019 July 14th Judges 1v1-2v5 From Obedience to Disobedience morning service Robert Jeffery 32:10
  4. 2019 July 7th Acts 21v17-36 Avoiding offense and the offense of the Gospel-evening service Robert Jeffery 41:53
  5. 2019 July 7th John 19v1-22 Who is your King-morning service Robert Jeffery 30:14
  6. 2019 June 30th Acts 21v1-16 The Will of the Lord Suffering Robert Jeffery 37:59
  7. 2019 June 30th Ephesians 4v11-16 The Church that Builds Itself towards Maturity morning service Robert Jeffery 28:28
  8. 2019 June 23rd Stay away from prosperity gospel- evening service Wale Akinrogunde 41:00
  9. 2019 June 23rd John 6v22-59 morning service Wale Akinrogunde 47:37
  10. 2019 June 16th Acts 20 Evening service Robert Jeffery 42:10
  11. 2019 June 16th John 13 v1-17 andv31-35 morning service Robert Jeffery 0:00
  12. 2019 June 15th David Randall David Randall 36:03
  13. 2019 June 09 Acts 20 v1-16 Evening service Robert Jeffery 28:36
  14. 2019 June 09 1 Corinth 12v12-31 An All member ministry morning service Robert Jeffery 23:32