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Investigating Christianity

Investigating Christianity?

Please do come to any of our services and ask any question you may have! We even have a Question and Answer box available. You can also email us any time (click here for our contact page).

Every now and again we have a Life Explored course. If there’s one coming up or running now, you can find it on our events page, here.

We also run an occasional Christianity Explored course. It’s a free 6 week course which explains the basics of Christianity.  Click here to read more.

About us

Looking for a Church?

We are a group of ordinary people, drawn from various walks of life, and of different ages and cultures. What unites us is our love for God, and our desire to serve Him.

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2014 was Our Centenary Year : 100 years of Worship at Orford Road!

In the autumn of 1874, a new church began near Boundary Road (read more here). The church grew and more space was needed. There was also a desire to be closer to the developing town of Walthamstow. So on 13th June 1914, our present building in Orford Road was opened! So 2014 was the centenary of the church …

Listen to Sermon

  1. 2019 May19th Acts 2v42-47 Signs of a Healthy Church morning service Robert Jeffery 34:12
  2. 2019 May12th Acts 18 where do encouragements come from Robert Jeffery 37:42
  3. 2019 May 5th Acts17v16-34 evening service Maurice Titmarsh 42:50
  4. 2019 May 5th Psalm 32 and 51 The Blessing of Salvation morning service Maurice Titmarsh 26:09
  5. 2019 April 28th Acts 17 v 1-15 Evening service Robert Jeffery 33:41
  6. 2019 April 28th Ephesians 2 v 11-22 who is the church Robert Jeffery 32:01
  7. 2019 April 21th 1 Corinth 15 v35-58 Evening Service Robert Jeffery 33:00
  8. 2019 April 21th Matthew 27v62-28v15 You Can't Keep Him Down morning service Robert Jeffery 24:40
  9. 2019 April 21th 1 Corinth 15v1-11 morning service 1st Bible Reading Robert Jeffery 2:43
  10. 2019 April 19th Mark 15 v20 Good Friday service Robert Jeffery 26:01
  11. 2019 April 14th evening service Steve Ball 42:45
  12. 2019 April 14th Luke10v17-24 Rejoicing and Blessing morning service Maurice Titmarsh 29:39
  13. 2019 April 7th 2 Corinthians 5v1-10 Evening service Robert Jeffery 37:22