Pastor Robert

Robert Jeffery joined the church in September 2012. Along with his wife and three children, he’s delighted to be in Walthamstow, and looking forward to seeing God at work in this area. He writes :

“I wasn’t brought up in a Christian home, but I met people in my sixth form who followed Jesus Christ. I was intrigued : they were kind and intelligent! I thought believing in God was something that involved disengaging the brain, but as I began to read the Bible, ask questions and go to church, I found that it rang true. I began to pray, and realised that I was a sinful person. I needed forgiveness, and I wanted to follow this Jesus, this amazing person who lived, died and rose again! The more I learn about him, the more amazed I am. And the longer I go on in the Christian life, the more thankful I am for real peace, direction in life, mercy and a relationship with the living God. I encourage you to investigate for yourself. Come along to our Sunday Services or to a Christianity Explored course, and ask as many questions as you like. I look forward to meeting you!”