Christianity Explored

We run a 6 week course two or three times during the year. Watch this space, or contact us if you have any questions.

Whether you are exploring the great questions of life, or wanting to find out more about Jesus, or have questions about the Bible, or want to discuss your own faith more deeply, this course is for you! There will be a short video each week, an opportunity to look at what the Bible really says, and plenty of time for discussion and questions. You can ask anything you like, and you won’t be expected to read out loud or to sing. If you prefer, you can just come along and listen.

Developed over 10 years, Christianity Explored is an informal course for people who’d like to investigate Christianity, or just brush up on the basics. It explores who Jesus was, what his aims were, and what it means to follow him.

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We now also run Life Explored courses on occasion. What’s the best gift God could give you? It’s a seven week course with high quality videos, discussion times and opportunity for questions. Please check our events page, or contact us to find out when the next one will be.