Mid Week

Bible Study

Once a fortnight, on a Thursday evening from 8pm to 9pm, there is a central meeting in the back halls of the church. This is sometimes a member’s meeting, but on other occasions it is an interactive Bible Stuidy. The format may change sometimes. For example, we have done a course which took us through a Christian book, using a DVD presentation to get us thinking. But often we look at a passage and respond to questions set by the Bible Study Leader. The evenings are designed to help us apply God’s Word to our lives. everyone is welcome! Please use the entrance round to the right hand side of the church, just along the drive.

During 2018, the dates of the Thursday Bible Studies in the back hall at the church are as follows :

4th Jan, 1st and 15th Feb, 1st and 15th March, 26th April, 10th and 24th May, 7th and 21st June, 19th July, 1st, 16th and 30th August, 13th and 27th Sept, 25th Oct, 8th and 22nd Nov and 6th Dec.


On those weeks when there is NOT a centralised meeting at the church, we have a number of home prayer groups around Walthamstow. These groups meet for 45-60 minutes and start with a very brief passage from the Bible and a comment from the group leader. But the central focus is prayer. No-one has to pray, but we encourage believers to call out to God and ask him to be at work in our lives, the life of the church, the lives of others we know and in the life of our nation and our world. For more information on locations, days and times, please contact us.

Wednesday Morning Prayer Meetings

Every Wednesday at 10.30am there is a prayer meeting in the back hall of the church (or sometimes the lounge, especially in colder weather!!). This lasts for one hour, and begins with a thought from the Bible before focusing on prayer for the church, the nation and the world, as well as individuals we know. Everyone is welcome! On Wednesdays following a Thursday Bible Study (dates above), we run a repeat of the Thursday Bible Study, although a little shorter with a brief time for prayer at the end. Again, all are welcome.

Central Prayer Meetings

Three times a year (in 2018 it’s 7th March, 11th July, 28th November), we have a prayer meeting in the back halls of the church on a Wednesday evening at 8.00pm. Homegroups that week are cancelled, as is the Wednesday Morning Prayer Meeting. We meet to express our dependence upon God for every aspect of ministry here at Central, and to worship him together. All are welcome!

Midweek Children’s and Youth Groups

For information on our Friday children’s and youth groups, please click here