Now Restrictions are Lifted : What’s Different?

Coming to Church on Sunday Mornings : What Will be Different?

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE : We meet physically at 11.00am and 6.30pm WITH singing AND refreshments!

We thank God that we are now open for physical services twice on the Lord’s Day (at 11.00am and 6.30pm). Our 11.00am and 6.30pm services are also streamed live each Sunday on our YouTube page, here.

Most of the restrictions in England have now been lifted, but the government are also advising caution, especially in indoor settings. So, at least for a few more weeks, we’ll be keeping some precautions in place, but changing other things.

Here are the guidelines for our physical services :

Please follow government advice, and do not come if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, or anyone in your household does. If that’s the case, why not watch the service on YouTube (click here)?

If you are able to come, please note :

  • We ask that everyone should wear a face covering, please, unless you are exempt. We will continue to wear face coverings for the main service. We will review this after a few weeks.
  • Until 16th August, as you come in, we will take a note of the names of all who are entering the building. This will enable authorities to contact everyone in the event of someone who was at the service subsequently discovering they have Covid-19. If anyone comes for whom we do not have contact details, we will be asking them to give us their name and a contact number. These details will be destroyed 21 days after you attend.
  • Please use the front doors of the church unless you need a ramp to get in. Those needing the ramp may use the side door.
  • At each entrance, hand sanitiser (73% alcohol) will be available. Please use this as you enter and leave the building.
  • Some pews will be taped off. This is to make sure we are socially distanced during the main service (but you may sit next to those from your own household). If you are directed to sit in a pew where another person (not from your household) is sitting, please make sure you stay 2 metres apart.
  • We are now allowed to sing, but we will continue to wear masks during singing.
  • There will not be a collection during the service. If you wish to give, please use the offering boxes located on empty pews near the back of the church (and in the balcony). Please try not to touch the offering box as you put money in.
  • The crèche will be available for use by small children.
  • We will run a socially distanced Sunday School for 3-11 year olds in two groups. Children will go out during some music before the sermon, but must NOT go out until individually called. At the end of the service, parents will be directed to leave their seats first, and should collect their children from the lounge and/or back hall. Parents may choose to stay for refreshments in the back hall, but if they leave, they should leave by the side door.
  • After the services, there will now be refreshments in the back hall. When you are in the back hall, you are free to NOT wear a mask, and you do not have to socially distance.

We aret thankful to God that we can get back to singing and refreshements! And we continue to enjoy gathering together to hear God’s Word … we hope you can join us!

The church has completed and updated a thorough risk assessment, which you can see by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please do contact us using the details that can be found here.